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Mission and Values

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The mission of the Northern Sonoma County Fire Protection District is to serve, lead and support the community by providing the highest possible level of emergency services for the protection and preservation of life, property and our beautiful natural environment.


We work as a team to protect life, people, and property

We hold the department and its members in high esteem.  We value our performance, equipment, and organization.

We strive to do the best at all we do.  We are always studying, training and checking equipment.

We encourage initiative, always within a culture of collaboration and working together.  No one is allowed to fail.

We value behavior that earns trust, by being inspiring role models for the members of the community.

We value being open and genuine with each other and we encourage open communications with all people in the community.

We are considerate of firefighters, the community, visitors and private property. 

We are always training to better ourselves for the community.  We use the equipment properly with trained personnel for the safety of ourselves and others.

We remember and honor the history of our department, past firefighters and what we have evolved from.

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