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Locked Gate Entry (Knox)


“Knox” is a company name that sells a variety of products to allow first responders to make access thru locked gated. One of the products is a gate lock override that local first responders can use a key to override the locking system and place the gate in an open position. Other products include padlocks for chains and boxes to place a key and/or other documents inside for local first responder access. Cities, such as Healdsburg and Cloverdale, may utilize a different key within city limits then what is in use in unincorporated Sonoma County. First responders from outside Sonoma County, as well as local law enforcement, CAL FIRE, CHP, and private ambulance providers may not have a key. We encourage gate combinations and other premise information be entered into the database utilized by Sonoma County public safety agencies to allow other public safety agencies access during an emergency ( Electric gates may not work during power outages. Leave your gates open when you evacuate.


Please visit to order Knox products.

You must specify “Sonoma Co Fire Prev Div (PRMD) when ordering unless you are in city limits.  Contact your fire department if you have any questions.

Drop down menu taken from Knox website


Contact us after the installation to ensure our key works and/or to place items inside your installation.

Samples of knox locks


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