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    ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR ​ ​ click here for application WILDLAND FUELS TECHNICIAN ​ Applications for Wildland Fuels Technicians (fuel crew members) will be accepted on a continuous basis with positions filled as necessary. ​ JOB ANNOUNCEMENT WILDLAND FIREFIGHTER ​ Applications for Wildland Firefighter will be accepted on a continuous basis with positions filled as necessary. ​ JOB ANNOUNCEMENT EXPLORER PROGRAM ​ The Northern Sonoma County Fire Protection District is proud to partner with the Cloverdale Fire Protection District to offer an Explorer Program for youth ages 14 - 17 years old. Please call the Geyserville Fire Station at 707-857-4373 or click the link below. ​ MORE INFO VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS ​ Are you interested in learning life saving skills and helping the community? The following is a list of minimum qualifications and commitments: Pass background investigation Pass annual physical fitness test and regular physical exams C omplete a volunteer training academy Commit to four 12-hour daytime shifts per month ​ Please contact Captain Mendez at for all inquiries regarding Volunteer Firefighter. ​ COMMUNITY OUTREACH SPECIALIST ​ Applications for Community Outreach Specialist are due August 31, 2022 . ​ JOB ANNOUNCEMENT FORESTRY TECHNICIAN 5 ​ Applications for Forestry Technician 5 are due August 22, 2022 . ​ JOB ANNOUNCEMENT FORESTRY TECHNICIAN 4 ​ Applications for Forestry Technician 4 are due August 22, 2022 . ​ JOB ANNOUNCEMENT FORESTRY TECHNICIAN 3 ​ Applications for Forestry Technician 3 are due August 31, 2022 . ​ JOB ANNOUNCEMENT

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    1/6 JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST FOR NEWSLETTERS AND UPDATES Subscribe Thanks for submitting! LATEST NEWS About Us ABOUT US ABOUT US Transparency Documents TRANSPARENCY TRANSPARENCY Join Our Team JOIN OUR TEAM JOIN OUR TEAM Events UPCOMING EVENTS UPCOMING EVENTS Fire Prevention FIRE PREVENTION Wildland Fire & Fuel WILDLAND FIRE & FUEL Supporting firefighters who keep Northern Sonoma County safe. Wine Country to the Rescue is hosted at Trentadue Winery in Geyserville. The must attend event of the summer. There is something for everyone: BBQ chicken and mouthwatering tri-tip. Silent Auction Live Auction Live band and dancing Firework Show LEARN MORE

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    CONTACT US Telephone Physical Address PHONE: (707) 857-4373 PO BOX 217 GEYSERVILLE, CA 95441 PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 20975 Geyserville Ave Geyserville, CA 95441 ​ NAME HOW CAN WE HELP? EMAIL *DO NOT USE THIS TO REPORT AN EMERGENCY Submit Thanks for submitting! FIRE STATION TOURS We offer fire safety presentations and tours at your school or as a field trip to the Geyserville Fire Station. To book your tour, call 707-857-4373. CPR TRAINING The District has trained CPR instructors on staff for CPR certification. Please call the Fire Station for more information.

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    COPE (CITIZENS ORGANIZED TO PREPARE FOR EMERGENCIES) COPE is a model for public safety organizations and citizens based upon neighbor helping neighbor in preparing for an emergency with the goal to ensure the next emergency can be mitigated as efficiently as possible with the least amount of loss of life and property. MORE INFORMATION


    WILDLAND FUELS CREW The Northern Sonoma County Fire Protection District formed a “fuels crew” in the Spring of 2018 to perform vegetation management (wildfire “fuels”) using CAL FIRE grant funding. The crew is comprised of part time employees who are primarily volunteer fire fighters and forestry students. The crew operates chain saws and chippers to cut and chip vegetation. The initial work focused on reducing vegetation along private roads and helped stop the spread of the 2019 Kincade Fire along Coyote Ridge Road. Community donations, project sponsorships, and grants have provided funding to keep the fuel crew operational. The fuel crews has completed several fuel reduction projects in its short existence and has evolved into helping with burn piles and prescribed burns. MEET THE CREW Tyson Cummings Crew Foreman Alexander Beorchia Crew Foreman Carla Delgadillo Crew Foreman 1/1 PROJECTS GEYSERVILLE ROADSIDE CLEARANCE GRANT COMPLETED AUGUST 2021 Northern Sonoma County Fire District “Fuels Crew” Completes 42 Miles of Roadside Vegetation Management The Northern Sonoma Fire Protection District (District) obtained a CAL FIRE California Climate Investments Fire Prevention Grant in 2018 to complete the Geyserville Roadside Clearance Project. The Project cut and chipped vegetation along roads to reduce vegetation on approximately 303 acres near Geyserville, Alexander Valley, and Dry Creek Valley. This Project also led to the creation of the District’s “Fuel Crew” which completed the Project. The Fuels Crew vegetation management work prevented the November 2019 Kincade Fire from advancing across Coyote Ridge Road, reducing the fire threatening additional structures in northeast Geyserville, and supported evacuations and firefighter access during the August 2020 Walbridge Fire. The District believes that a coordinated regional approach to vegetation management will reduce damages from future wildfires and support other land management options such as prescribed burning. The District has prioritized roadside vegetation management for shaded fuelbreaks to decrease the intensity of wildfires that start along a road, provide for evacuations, firefighter access, and to slow or stop an approaching wildfire. The Fuel Crew continues to work 7 days a week completing the vegetation management work funded by additional grants, donations, and contracts for service. The Fuels Crew is primarily composed of Santa Rosa Junior College students. Some members of the Fuels Crew have fire fighter training and this led to the formation of the “Geyser Crew #1” which helped extinguish the 2020 Walbridge Fire. The Geyserville Roadside Clearance Project is part of California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing GHG emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment– particularly in disadvantaged communities. The Cap-and-Trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution. California Climate Investments projects include affordable housing, renewable energy, public transportation, zero-emission vehicles, environmental restoration, more sustainable agriculture, recycling, and much more. At least 35 percent of these investments are located within and benefiting residents of disadvantaged communities, low-income communities, and low-income households across California. For more information, visit the California Climate Investments website at: Contacts: Marshall Turbeville, Chief Northern Sonoma County Fire District, email: tel: (707) 292-3754

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    ABOUT US SERVICE AREA MAP HISTORY STAFF MISSION & VALUES BOARD The Northern Sonoma County Fire Protection District protects over 273 square miles in Northern Sonoma County. We serve Knights Valley, Franz Valley, Alexander Valley, Chalk Hill, Dry Creek Valley, the Geysers, Geyserville, parts of unincorporated Healdsburg and Lake Sonoma. MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Northern Sonoma County Fire Protection District is to serve, lead and support the community by providing the highest possible level of emergency services for the protection and preservation of life, property and our beautiful natural environment. VALUES ​SAFETY We work as a team to protect life, people, and property ​ PRIDE We hold the department and its members in high esteem. We value our performance, equipment, and organization. ​ DILIGENCE We strive to do the best at all we do. We are always studying, training and checking equipment. ​ COLLABORATION We encourage initiative, always within a culture of collaboration and working together. No one is allowed to fail. ​ INTEGRITY We value behavior that earns trust, by being inspiring role models for the members of the community. ​ TRANSPARENCY We value being open and genuine with each other and we encourage open communications with all people in the community. ​ RESPECT We are considerate of firefighters, the community, visitors and private property. EDUCATION We are always training to better ourselves for the community. We use the equipment properly with trained personnel for the safety of ourselves and others. ​ HISTORY We remember and honor the history of our department, past firefighters and what we have evolved from. ​​

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    SYSTEM CATALOG AGENDAS MINUTES BUDGETS AUDITS SCHEDULE OF FEES PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST Public records are provided in accordance with the California Public Records Act (Statues of 1968, Chapter 1473; currently codified as California Government Code 6250 through 6276.48[1]. Records request must be submitted in writing. Please call 707-857-4373 for more information. ​​​ ​ ​ STRATEGIC PLANS GOV. COMPENSATION CA


    WILDFIRE PREPAREDNESS PRESENTATIONS A method to prepare yourself and your neighbors for a wildfire is to work with your neighbors to create a plan to help each other during an emergency, work together on vegetation management, and taking other actions to prepare for an emergency. We can host or attend a neighborhood or community meeting to talk about how neighbors can work together in partnership with the Northern Sonoma County Fire Protection District. These meetings can be in person or virtual, and are a great way to receive personalized information for your area and have questions answered.

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    PRE-ATTACK MAPS The Northern Sonoma County Fire Protection District has developed pre-attack maps to provide strategic information during an emergency response with the primary use being wildfires. These maps were utilized during the 2019 Kincade Fire and 2020 Lightning Complex and are sought after by assisting agencies. These maps show the location of houses and denote if the house has a water source, road, proposed dozer lines/breaks, fire roads, and potential locations where a wildfire can be stopped or slowed. These maps do not contain confidential information.


    PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST Public Records Request- Public records are provided in accordance with the California Public Records Act (Statutes of 1968, Chapter 1473; currently codified as California Government Code §§ 6250 through 6276.48[1]). Records request must be submitted in writing. Please call 707-857-4373 for more information.